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Top Five Fitness Trends 2018 | Health and Fitness

Top Five Fitness Trends 2018 “Fitness Trend” is a wider point that includes practically anything wellness related, regardless, it’s a kind of exercise, a bit of hardware, or a style of clothing. It’s important to note that, Fitness trends are not always short-lived. For example, the weight shaking is the ideal case of a short-lived

Summer Makeup Tips | Makeup for oily skin

Summer Makeup Tips 2018 Do you look around and see smudged kohl, patchy skin, and smeared lipstick? Does that make you cringe and stay away from makeup? Well, all you makeup-lovers out there, don’t let the heat beat you this summer. Rather, overpower yourself and do your makeup with all the grace. Even though the

Maharashtrian Recipes For Breakfast

Maharashtrian recipes are very easy to make and anyone can learn it very quickly. Many authentic recipes are there including Puranpoli, Zunka Bhakar, Pithle, Aluchi wadi, etc. But today we are discussing household breakfast recipes that are cooked in almost every house every alternate day. These are simple, easy, quick and tasty Maharashtrian recipes. Top

Make Money Online | Online Business Ideas

Make Money Online | Online Business Ideas Writing this article about “make money online” is itself a business idea. We are blessed with unlimited opportunities available “online” for us. Here on “Trends Top Five”, I would like to discuss top five make money online ideas that use an enormous scope of internet and different ways